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一旦我们进入医学院,there are endless lists of drugs,symptoms and diseases that suddenly invade our understanding of human beings and nature.In this novel scenario,there is a high risk of limiting"真理”学术参考文献中的信息。虽然这通常是必要和充分的,we should also strive to glean evidence from other sources in order to optimize treatment of patients.Science is built upon researching new evidence and potential cures,so we should not restrict our practice to what is already known.更确切地说,我们应该从学术真理中汲取教训,同时努力拓宽我们的知识面,摒弃诊断和治疗上的自满。

许多突破性的发现都是在科学家们敢于在各自的时间段内超越知识边界进行探索之后出现的。Therefore,if we decide to rely on those who came before,我们要做好科学方法第一步的准备,which is观察.

Prior to the arrival of European conquerors to North America,来自亚马逊河流域的土著团体已经进行了旨在治疗精神疾病和身体疾病的神秘仪式。这些古老的社会有个人,他们的角色包含了治疗的各个方面。他们包括那些擅长处理这些治疗仪式并确保他们正在治疗他们社区的成员的人。These healers were in charge of preparing an orally-ingested concoction for the events.

Some of these potions contained entheogens,这是一种精神活性物质,可以诱导一些人认为是一种旨在精神和精神发展的精神体验。有时,this concoction also contained ayahuasca,and was formed from a mixture of psychotria viridis — which contains the main entheogenic ingredients of dimethyltryptamine (DMT) — and banisteriopsis caapi,一种单胺氧化酶抑制剂(MAOIS)的天然来源。This powerful mixture was regarded as the通往情感深处的通道,内心的想法和感受and even the road to enlightenment.此外,,many testimoniesdescribed the intense aesthetic states of mind achieved after ingestion of this magical compound and its unbelievable cathartic properties.

Ayahuasca contains DMT,它是在人脑中自然产生的,and there is evidence that ayahuasca could have positive effects on patients.DMT administration to healthy volunteers显示这种化合物可能有助于减轻焦虑症状。长期Ayahuasca用户不要表现出精神疾病或神经认知问题的症状,但相反,认知功能有所改善,increased well-being and spirituality and reduced psychopathology,包括焦虑和抑郁的症状。Animal and human studies提示苦参及其生物碱具有抗焦虑、抗抑郁作用。可能由5-HT1A/2A/2C受体的激动机制介导。例如,经常食用阿亚瓦斯卡的青少年减少焦虑症状.此外,theAyahuasca的使用increased assertiveness,joy of life and liveliness among the members of the Brazilian syncretic churches.

虐待和戒毒的受害者经常提到that ayahuasca ingestion helped them to recover memories of traumatic events that they were then able to process and work through thus providing a basis for restructuring their personal lives.此外,横截面和纵向病例对照研究showed that ritual and religious ayahuasca users presented fewer alcohol-related problems than control groups.磁共振成像(MRI)长期使用Ayahuascashown to produce measurable changesin the brain such as differences in midline brain structures.

Ayahuasca还可以帮助治疗抑郁症的症状。While commercial anti-depressants typically take a minimum of two to four weeks to have a therapeutic effect;;ayahuasca is rapidly-acting.单剂量阿亚华司卡6名志愿者目前的抑郁症发作显著减少了基线症状,给药后7天和21天。与阿亚瓦斯卡摄入相关的精神病发作是罕见的。and appear to be associated with individuals' premorbid psychiatric conditions,同时使用其他精神活性物质,缺乏训练有素的监督。在对照环境下给药之前,为了减少精神病的发生,应收集彻底的用药和用药史。

In light of these results,这种传统的医学仪式值得我们注意。Ayahuasca and DMT may help us find the uncover cures to medical issues.Because DMT isproduced by the human brain在睡眠周期释放,exogenous administration of ayahuasca could lead to new approaches to studying normal and abnormal brain functions.Should this come to fruition,这将为研究人员提供一种截然不同的研究精神疾病的方法,如精神分裂症。

人们可以合法地将这些故事视为纯粹的伪科学,或者仅仅是迷幻的童话。However,它为我们服务,as critical thinkers and future scientists,to investigate these accounts for potential validity.我们不能失去扩大科学背景的机会。Once we expand our options and begin looking at new methods of studying and treating disease instead of limiting ourselves to conventional pharmaceutical drugs,we can discover new ways to further medical progress.

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I am a fifth-year student from the University of Seville interested in exploring the boundaries of medical knowledge,trying to learn from different backgrounds.The universe is immense,and science provides us with a powerful tool to engage with its mysteries,despite that I still got more questions than answers.As a consequence of this,life offers us a never-ending game of pursuing new scientific evidence to better understand nature and ourselves.