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背景是哥本哈根,Denmark,circa 2004.The weather was cold and I shook in my thin Juicy Couture jacket,but young me was determined to take as many photos as I possibly could to add them to my photo album back home (despite no Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat for my #Europetravels).我抢购了所有东西:城堡,舞厅,美味的甜点,random people and trees.当我打包行李准备返回美国时,I was pretty satisfied with what I had taken.当我们回家的时候,然而,我意识到我把一次性相机落在了一辆导游车的后座上。I was naturally upset but,after further thinking,I was happy for the opportunity to take pictures of so many incredibly cool things and places.

这个故事的重点是,in our day and age,photography is a stressor rather than something enjoyable to capture memories.Every Instagram shot,每个Snapchat标题,every new Facebook profile picture — these are things that we strive to make appear"natural,"as if none of us are taking an embarrassingly long time to think up something witty or come up with a creative pose.It was much simpler back when photography wasn't for the world but for our own happiness.It's been used toconnect with otherSas a way to代表一个主体的生命,作为通往探索文化以及我们周围的世界。Given,同样,与摄影相关的精神健康益处的丰富性,我想让我的下一个项目回到好的“旧日”。"

我和几个朋友决定在克利夫兰大城市度过一个下午,给我们的感觉拍照,不管是食物,建筑,自然或奇怪的东西。我们将在几个小时后重聚,分享我们的照片和每个照片背后的故事。Once we split,我立刻开始四处寻找artistic-like"摄影作品,从公园开始。Unfortunately,the only things I encountered were yapping dogs that wouldn't sit still,当我笨拙地试图拍照时,很多人都困惑地盯着我看,而跑步者却对人行道上的障碍感到恼火。有趣的树。”我去的下一个地方是高档商场。随机拍摄的照片可能会导致我被开除医学院,so I figured I could take pictures of interesting products.唉,即使在那里,我也在挣扎。I found that there are few ways to take an ~artsy~ photo of a purse,还有一个原因就是购物中心的食品既不以艺术性也不以品味而受到称赞。因为这次失败而气馁,我回到车上,完全意识到在我们再次见面之前,我大概有30分钟左右的时间——而且我的手机上只有愤怒的动物和昂贵的衣服的照片。

And that's when I realized I had been going around this completely the wrong way.整个活动的重点是not制造一些人造的东西,但要像我看到的那样描绘这个世界。I wasn't there to make the perfect Instagram shot or be the world's best photographer — my goal that day was to have a great time exploring the city of Cleveland behind the lens.我没能实现自己的目标,despite coming up with the idea in the first place.With that in mind,当我开车去见我们的会面地点时,我感到很欣慰。

I know this sounds clichéed,but as my third year of medical school draws to a close,I realize that my photography adventure is pretty similar to my third year.我带着一定的期望和决心参加了这两项活动play the part"独特的摄影师/聪明能干的MS3,谁知道她在做什么。In both,I racked up way more mistakes than successes and felt pretty down on both ends.But,when I realized that the whole point of my MS3 year was tolearn,,不一定已经有了所有的答案或者有了完美的评估和计划,I felt better betway必威about myself and my performance greatly improved.Perspective,像个好摄影师,对每个人都很重要。

Oh,我最喜欢的镜头?In terms of artistry or capability,it was the worst,我拍了一整天最模糊的照片。但看到一个穿着绵羊装的随机的家伙去星巴克,我笑了,就在这儿。Hopefully you'll laugh too.

Mind Your Mind

一个非常重要的话题是医生的心理健康,notably medical students.根据一项研究学生英国医学杂志,30%的医学生报告有精神健康状况——80%的医学生表示,现有的支持水平很差,或者只有适度的支持。This column was born from these alarming statistics and aims to stimulate conversation on mental health in medical students,from providing suggestions on how to maintain one's mental health to discussing the taboo and stigma surrounding conversations on mental health in practitioners and students,以及如何消除它。

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Neha is a third year MD candidate at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.为了抗击克利夫兰的冰雪,内哈花时间打盹,探索艺术博物馆,带着当地的早午餐风暴,one sweet confection at a time.When she has saved up enough money,她计划进行一次世界巡演,访问每个国家的每一个首都。

Mind Your Mind

A very important but rarely discussed topic is that of mental health in medical practitioners,notably medical students.According to a study in the Student British Medical Journal,30% of medical students report having a mental health condition—with a majority of 80% stating the level of available support was poor or only moderately adequate.This column was born from these alarming statistics and aims to stimulate conversation on mental health in medical students,从提供关于如何保持心理健康的建议到讨论有关从业者/学生心理健康的谈话的禁忌和耻辱,以及如何消除这些禁忌和耻辱。